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RPG guidelines.

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1RPG guidelines. Empty RPG guidelines. on Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:04 am


Evil Figment wrote:If you have any RPGing question not covered below, feel free to ask.

First, for those who do not know, an RPG is a role-playing game. In the case of forums RPGs, it's a game where people assume the roles of characters (their own characters, or characters from an anime or game). These characters then interact together through forum posts, to create a story set on a basic frame set by the gamemaster (the creator of that particular RPG).

So, you have entered the RPG forum. What do you do now?

First, you need to find an RPG you'd like to play in. Look around (especially in the RPG directly, it should save you time), and decide on one that still accept registration that you'd like to join.

Second, find the signup topic for that RPG. Sign up for it, by filling the character form the gamemaster will have made available.

Certain gamemasters will ask that you wait until your character is approved before joining in the RPG. Once your character has been approved, or immediately after signing up if no registration is required, you can start posting in the main RPG topic. If the gamemaster does not approve of your character, then you must change the character to fit the gamemaster's requirement.

The gamemaster is the supreme authority in his RPG. If he tells you something doesn't work, or that you can't do something, then you can't. Don't spam up the RPG by going around yelling that you want to have your way - that's liable to get you banned once the GM reports you to the moderators.

Anyway, now you can post your first in-character post.

What's an in-character post? It's a post in which you take the role of the character you created in the sign-up topic. Remember that you are no longer you, but that character. When you react to something, you should react as the character would, not as you would (for example, if your character is a dark, unfriendly warrior, but you are a cheerful, easy to be friend with person, then your post should reflect a dark, unfriendly personality - you should ignore people, not run to everyone telling them your name and trying to make them friends.

Also, remember that while there are things that YOU (the player) know, the character might not know them. For example, if a character is talking to yours, and from that player's latest post you know the character has a dagger hidden in his sleeve, YOUR CHARACTER DOES NOT KNOW THAT. He doesn't realize there's a dagger there without a good reason for him to find out.

That would seems to be it on the basics of RPGings. The rest is generally up to the gamemasters.


Basic of Gamemastering.

First, to gamemaster an RPG, you need an idea of what your RPG will be like. That generally mean you'll need :

-A theme. What the RPG is about.
-A basic plot idea. IE, what's happening, and what the characters should be trying to do?

Second, you need to make sure your RPG is reasonably original. Don't make up an RPG that's an exact copy of someone else's RPG (or even one that's very close). Check the RPG directory for that.

Now that you've done that, you need to put up the sign up topic. Post that topic, including all useful information for the players (IE, the basic setting, what's going on in the RPG). Then post all necessary information for character creation, and finally the sign-up sheet - basically, the information you want each player to provide on their character (generally, that would include history, personality and the like). Remember that if you feel a character is too strong, you can tell the player to change it.

Once you feel that enough player have registered, you can put up the actual RPG topic. Tell your players (with a post in the sign-up) that it's started, and have fun playing.

Remember again that you have the authority in your RPG. If you don't like the way somoene is doing something, you can order them to stop and expel them from your RPG (IE, not allow them to register). If they ignore that, please signal them to the moderators in the Rules and Complaints topic.
more: If you want to make a post that is NOT in character say OOC: before the post.

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Ok, I got it.

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