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Ranks for Polelover!

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1 Ranks for Polelover! on Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:05 am


These are the ranks that one can gain by getting more posts.
Rank Title Minimum Posts Picture:
Beginner 0
Idjit 10
beginning n00bie 50
n00b lol 100
Guru 200
Adept 300
Veteran 400
Master 500
Executive 600
Grand Master 700
Lord 800
Duke 1000
Immortal 1100
VIP 1200
Elite 1300
Emperor 1500
Genghis Khan 1750
Legendary 2000
Super Legend 5000
Gamer 7500
SuperGamer 10000
UltraGamer 15000
Almighty Member 20000
Uber 30000
SuperUber 37500
UltraUber 45000
Almighty. Period. 50000

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2 Re: Ranks for Polelover! on Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:13 am


Here are the special ranks-those that can be assigned by the admins
Moderator-these users can moderate other's posts, in the forums where they're moderators.
Sr. Moderator-the 'bosses' of the mods. They can tell other moderators what to do.
Global Moderator-moderator of the entire forum.
Administrator-these members are capable of doing anything to the forums.
Webmaster-Owner of forums (me)

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